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Real insurance

Insurance sounds easy but is unique and expensive in reality. We only use drivers employed by DRINK SOS should any damage happen to your vehicle.

No minimum charges

Compare our charges with our competitors, most have a minimum charge which means you could pay up to 230 Kc for just 1 km. With us 1km=still 30 Kč.

Invoice online service

On completion of your vehicle delivery you will receive a text message containing a link. Using the link will enable you to download an online invoice.

Our drivers

Unlike Taxi Companies our drivers are employed by DRINK SOS so they do not work on a commission basis, our drivers are professional and responsible.

Price List

We are often more competitive on cost than other companies offering much cheaper prices, how is it possible? Simple, Dink SOS has no minimum charge. Other companies have a minimum charge for example: if you travel 1 km you will incur a basic charge equal to 10 km. Drink SOS offers you the following:
Up to 30 km’s we offer our service for 35 Kc/km.
Up to 50 km’s we offer our service for 30 Kc/km.
For longer trips we are prepared to negotiate. Prepayments for our service could entitle you to a 25% discount.
Our prices includes DPH tax. 
Let us count the cost of your ride!

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Starting price

40 +

How far

= 40 za bezpečný odvoz domů