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Real insurance

Insurance sounds easy but is unique and expensive in reality. We only use drivers employed by DRINK SOS should any damage happen to your vehicle.

No minimum charges

Compare our charges with our competitors, most have a minimum charge which means you could pay up to 230 Kc for just 1 km. With us 1km=still 30 Kč.

Invoice online service

On completion of your vehicle delivery you will receive a text message containing a link. Using the link will enable you to download an online invoice.

Our drivers

Unlike Taxi Companies our drivers are employed by DRINK SOS so they do not work on a commission basis, our drivers are professional and responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the company I use to deliver my vehicle is insured?

Only companies that employ drivers on a payroll can offer full insurance that covers a clients vehicle. DRINK SOS drivers are fully insured.

What does it mean – Minimum Charge? I don’t understand.

We don’t understand either. Some companies will charge you up to ten times the quoted rate. With DRINK SOS you can actually save when comparing to the so called “Cheaper” companies. Check out our very competitive rates.

Does DRINK SOS offer a customer loyalty system?

We have a very simple loyalty system, we don’t buy customer loyalty we earn it. We don’t want to record profits, but we don’t costs in order to cut corners. We are focussed on quality of service, investment in the safety of our clients and the clients vehicles by employing professional drivers that are fully insured. Simply our clients are loyal to us because we are loyal to them.