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Real insurance

Insurance sounds easy but is unique and expensive in reality. We only use drivers employed by DRINK SOS should any damage happen to your vehicle.

Invoice online service

On completion of your vehicle delivery you will receive a text message containing a link. Using the link will enable you to download an online invoice.

Our drivers

Unlike Taxi Companies our drivers are employed by DRINK SOS so they do not work on a commission basis, our drivers are professional and responsible.

Drink SOS

Did you lose your sobriety? You don´t have to lose your license as well. Drink SOS is the oldest Czech service for momentarily indisposed drivers. If you want to return with your car but you can´t drive, just give us a call and let us know where you want Drink SOS to take you and your car and it will be our pleasure. We only use experienced and reliable drivers. Drink SOS is fully insured so any risks are on our shoulders For 20 years now You Drink, We Drive

Drink SOS